Midnight Satori

A Multi-Dimensional Journey Through The Waking Soul of A Dreamer

528 HZ Eagle Eye

While the first part of this dream was vivid, it was not lucid. I was roaming around an Amsterdam-like, cobble-stoned city with two beautiful bracelets given to me to sell. I went in some jewelry stores and had no luck but marveled at the pieces I saw. When I left the store, I walked by a group of kids playing baseball in the street. The pitcher glared at me and watched me as I passed. I came to an alley and determined I was lost. As I walked back the way I came the pitcher stared me down again. I kept walking, and then all of a sudden I was in flight, soaring away from the city and into a winter wonderland of snow covered valleys and mountains. It was this moment that I gained consciousness and awoke in my dream mid-flight. The crescendo of a loud Solfeggio frequency played as I glided over the terrain, with eagle eye vision, sharply focusing on wherever I looked. The immense power and freedom I felt soaring over the mystic nature was amazing. As I continued to fly, I realized I had to pee and began peeing from the air onto the snow. When the sensation to urinate did not go away, I woke up and of course, went to the bathroom.