Midnight Satori

A Multi-Dimensional Journey Through The Waking Soul of A Dreamer

Superpowers Summer School

I gained consciousness on a small island, soon realizing I was in the company of people from my high school, a few from college, and the rest random. We were heading up to the highest cliff on the island to practice flying, the days first class. I went first, running and leaping off the cliff expecting to soar into the horizon... but after a brief elevation I lost momentum and fell into the ocean below. I climbed back up the rocks, watching other classmates successfully launch off the cliff and catch flight. When I made it back up, I tried again, with more enthusiasm, but fell to the water once more. When I got back up, several classmates denied that I could try again, saying I just wasn't good at flying. This lit a fire in me and I pushed them out of the way, sprinted off the cliff and blasted off into the air like a phoenix to suddenly be teleported onto a water raft on a fast moving rapid. My classmates were also all on rafts and as we navigated through the rapids I noticed familiar faces that I hadn't seen in a long time. As the water calmed, we made our way down the river at a slow pace. On the right side, standing on the grass at the edge of the river I noticed a peculiar looking woman, with a man and a child at her side. I rowed myself over to the land and got off my raft. Approaching the woman, I noticed her unique aura and identified her as some sort of mystic or witch. I asked her, "who are you? what are you doing here?" she replied asking me the same questions. I can't quite remember what she told me next, but I looked to her left hand and their was a black widow spider crawling up her arm. I looked back at her face, and she grinned, nodding that the black widow was her friend. She then said something like, "you're not supposed to be here yet," and then I woke up.