Midnight Satori

A Multi-Dimensional Journey Through The Waking Soul of A Dreamer

The Repeating Suited Men and Flying Dream

There's one lucid dream that I've had four or five times... I'm in an education institution of some sort, each time slightly different, and things seem to be harmless and interesting. I gain consciousness inside the dream and begin exploring, the different people walking around, the buildings, the cafes, when all of a sudden I notice something strange about everyone's facial expression. They all look hypnotized. At this point I am usually told I have some sort of appointment to get me registered in the system, and begin to realize they are going to brainwash me to be a compliant zombie like the others. I resist, to which triggers alarm amongst the campus. About five to seven men appear out of seemingly nowhere and begin to chase me. I evade them with swiftness, and burst out of a doorway that leads out of the campus into a majestic looking field with a forest not far away. At this moment, they encircle me, and I look around briefly realizing I can fly. I ascend into the air, levitating for a second out of reach to look down and observe their facial expressions of defeat. Then I soar off into the sky and fly around as long as I can before waking up.