Midnight Satori

A Multi-Dimensional Journey Through The Waking Soul of A Dreamer

First Lucid Dream

I was 18 years old, on a train passing through the middle of the woods with my friend Brian. We were talking, and all of a sudden I realized, it was impossible that I would be on a train with him. He was in San Diego and I was in Oregon. I said to him, "wait, this is a dream," to which he replied "what are you talking about?" I repeated my affirmation, and in denial he retorted, "you're crazy!" I recognized this was a reflection of my own disbelief that I could be awake in my dream, and that he was just a part of me. At that moment I knew, "this is a dream" I repeated, and the train stopped. "What are you doing?" Brian asked in panic. "Going outside," I said daringly. I walked into the woods and out came creatures that resembled the characters in 'Where the Wild Things Roam." What seemed at first peaceful, quickly turned into an all out chaos with the monsters attacking each other as well as me. The entire landscape swirled about and dissipated. Then, I awoke.