Midnight Satori

A Multi-Dimensional Journey Through The Waking Soul of A Dreamer

528 HZ Eagle Eye

While the first part of this dream was vivid, it was not lucid. I was roaming around an Amsterdam-like, cobble-stoned city with two beautiful bracelets given to me to sell. I went in some jewelry stores and had no luck but marveled at the pieces I saw. When I left the store, I walked by a group of kids playing baseball in the street. The pitcher glared at me and watched me as I passed. I came to an alley and determined I was lost. As I walked back the way I came the pitcher stared me down again. I kept walking, and then all of a sudden I was in flight, soaring away from the city and into a winter wonderland of snow covered valleys and mountains. It was this moment that I gained consciousness and awoke in my dream mid-flight. The crescendo of a loud Solfeggio frequency played as I glided over the terrain, with eagle eye vision, sharply focusing on wherever I looked. The immense power and freedom I felt soaring over the mystic nature was amazing. As I continued to fly, I realized I had to pee and began peeing from the air onto the snow. When the sensation to urinate did not go away, I woke up and of course, went to the bathroom. 

Superpowers Summer School

I gained consciousness on a small island, soon realizing I was in the company of people from my high school, a few from college, and the rest random. We were heading up to the highest cliff on the island to practice flying, the days first class. I went first, running and leaping off the cliff expecting to soar into the horizon... but after a brief elevation I lost momentum and fell into the ocean below. I climbed back up the rocks, watching other classmates successfully launch off the cliff and catch flight. When I made it back up, I tried again, with more enthusiasm, but fell to the water once more. When I got back up, several classmates denied that I could try again, saying I just wasn't good at flying. This lit a fire in me and I pushed them out of the way, sprinted off the cliff and blasted off into the air like a phoenix to suddenly be teleported onto a water raft on a fast moving rapid. My classmates were also all on rafts and as we navigated through the rapids I noticed familiar faces that I hadn't seen in a long time. As the water calmed, we made our way down the river at a slow pace. On the right side, standing on the grass at the edge of the river I noticed a peculiar looking woman, with a man and a child at her side. I rowed myself over to the land and got off my raft. Approaching the woman, I noticed her unique aura and identified her as some sort of mystic or witch. I asked her, "who are you? what are you doing here?" she replied asking me the same questions. I can't quite remember what she told me next, but I looked to her left hand and their was a black widow spider crawling up her arm. I looked back at her face, and she grinned, nodding that the black widow was her friend. She then said something like, "you're not supposed to be here yet," and then I woke up. 

The Repeating Suited Men and Flying Dream

There's one lucid dream that I've had four or five times... I'm in an education institution of some sort, each time slightly different, and things seem to be harmless and interesting. I gain consciousness inside the dream and begin exploring, the different people walking around, the buildings, the cafes, when all of a sudden I notice something strange about everyone's facial expression. They all look hypnotized. At this point I am usually told I have some sort of appointment to get me registered in the system, and begin to realize they are going to brainwash me to be a compliant zombie like the others. I resist, to which triggers alarm amongst the campus. About five to seven men appear out of seemingly nowhere and begin to chase me. I evade them with swiftness, and burst out of a doorway that leads out of the campus into a majestic looking field with a forest not far away. At this moment, they encircle me, and I look around briefly realizing I can fly. I ascend into the air, levitating for a second out of reach to look down and observe their facial expressions of defeat. Then I soar off into the sky and fly around as long as I can before waking up.  

First Lucid Dream

I was 18 years old, on a train passing through the middle of the woods with my friend Brian. We were talking, and all of a sudden I realized, it was impossible that I would be on a train with him. He was in San Diego and I was in Oregon. I said to him, "wait, this is a dream," to which he replied "what are you talking about?" I repeated my affirmation, and in denial he retorted, "you're crazy!" I recognized this was a reflection of my own disbelief that I could be awake in my dream, and that he was just a part of me. At that moment I knew, "this is a dream" I repeated, and the train stopped. "What are you doing?" Brian asked in panic. "Going outside," I said daringly. I walked into the woods and out came creatures that resembled the characters in 'Where the Wild Things Roam." What seemed at first peaceful, quickly turned into an all out chaos with the monsters attacking each other as well as me. The entire landscape swirled about and dissipated. Then, I awoke. 

Childhood Nightmare

When I was about ten years old, I dreamt that a large blue monster was chasing me and I was running away. Everything besides us was pitch black darkness. I ran fast as I could, looking back to see if he was gaining on me. When I looked back, he was gone, but as I turned back around he was waiting for me, mouth wide open and I fell inside, falling for what seemed like miles in pitch black darkness, then woke up feeling like I had literally just landed on my bed.